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The restaurant nearby that satisfies every craving with the best beer, the best bites and that unbelievable fusion of New Mexican Soul food is Nexus. Our goal is perfection and we hit it every time, whether you are drinking the brews we craft right here in house or enjoying a half-pound of smoked brisket in our smokehouse. We claim the title of best restaurant and brewery in Albuquerque because we’ve earned it.

What is New Mexican Soul Food? It is the fusion of two cuisines to create one unbelievable flavor experience. How about some Cajun chicken chicharrons? Get them breaded or gluten free. Each crisp bite makes your taste buds sing. Maybe you’re in the mood for okra. We fry it to perfection and dust it with a seasoning blend that never fails to make our diners say “wow!” Our massive nacho plates come with red or green chilies and pico de gallo. And if you’ve been craving mama’s beans and rice, you’ll love our take on it in our black eyed pea and corn quinoa salad.

When you take two of the world’s most flavorful cuisines and combine them, you get something truly special. Count on the restaurant nearby that excites every sense with every order. You see the colorful plate, you smell the delicious scent wafting off the hot food, you bite in and layers of flavor come in wave after wave. We are the best restaurant in Albuquerque because we know it’s not just about food. It’s about that full experience and connection to heritage. Experience it all at Nexus Brewery and Smokehouse.

But that’s not all.

After brewing the craft beer that helped make Albuquerque a destination for brew lovers, and after introducing New Mexican Soul Food, we didn’t stop there. Our second location, Nexus Blue Smokehouse, is for those that crave BBQ and those perfectly smoked meats.

Nexus Blue Smokehouse is the best restaurant in Albuquerque for savory brisket that is fall-apart tender, for burnt ends that pair perfectly with our beer, for a big old-fashioned family spread BBQ platter, or that perfect pulled pork sandwich with crisp, tangy sides.

Whether you choose our brewery or our smokehouse, you get the restaurant nearby that feeds your body and soul. Nothing is on our menu by accident. Each beer, each meal, each side has been passionately designed with one thing in mind – how much you will love it.

Visit us today to find out why we are the best restaurant in Albuquerque.

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